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As news on the pandemic and the response evolve, our team will continue gathering in-depth data and analysis about its impact and carefully following changes to relief programs available to organizations, residents and communities.

Throughout our history of responding to climate disasters, we have developed extensive tools for resilience that can help you during Covid-19, and also plan ahead – because now is the time to build more resilient homes and neighborhoods.


Featured Video: Completing New Homes During Covid-19

Mayumi Fukushima and Reagan Maechling tell us about completing Isla de Los Angeles – 54 homes for homeless individuals and veterans – when the pandemic struck in March. 

Practical Guidance and Toolkits

Preparedness planning resources for Covid-19 and beyond.
Step-by-Step Guide to Maintaining Business Continuity During the Covid-19 Pandemic
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Prepare staff for emergencies, make sure residents remain safe and ensure business continues during and after this pandemic with our Ready to Respond tools combining clear, practical guidance with valuable resources you can use today.

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9 Steps Cities Can Take to Prepare for Pandemics in the Wake of Our Changing Climate
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Communities across the globe have been struggling with climate-related disease since the beginning of time. See what steps communities can take today to keep residents healthy and vital systems operational.

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Storm Season Is Coming: 4 Ways You Can Prepare Today
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While impacts of the novel coronavirus are reaching every corner of the globe, there is another risk coming in right behind it: the season of storms, fires and floods.


Strategies for Designing a Healthy Home
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A healthy place to call home has never been more important. Chapter 7 of our nationally acclaimed Green Communities Criteria outlines 13 strategies for creating a healthy living environment.

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Keep Safe: A Blueprint for Community Engagement
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Communities are the backbone of society. Whether dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane or the impacts of a pandemic, having a strong, resilient community is critical in the recovery. Chapter 7 of our Keep Safe guide is a blueprint to prepare for and respond to future challenges.

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Create a Health Action Plan to Address the Needs of Your Residents
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Affordable housing developers and public health professionals unite to prioritize community health needs through data analysis and community engagement. The result is a Health Action Plan detailing design and programmatic strategies intended to improve residents’ health.

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Design with Senior Health In Mind
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While we may be social distancing, we shouldn’t be social isolating. Yet, far too often, increased isolation and premature moves into assisted living facilities are the result of health problems created or worsened by mobility difficulties. Help residents stay in the homes they love with these design guidelines, recommendations, checklists and more.

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Health Begins with Home
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The connection between health and home has been laid bare in this pandemic, but this not new to Enterprise. Enterprise’s Health Begins with Home initiative promote health as a top priority in the development and preservation of affordable homes and to elevates homes as an essential tool for improving resident and community health.

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More Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Tools
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In our decades-long history of helping communties recover from disasters, Enterprise has developed a suite of tools in response to climate events that will be useful during this pandemic and beyond. See our library of resources to help your organization (and the residents you serve) prepare for and recover from future events.


Video Insights

Our Covid-19 Housing Credit Advocacy Priorities

Sarah Brundage shares details on the legislative and regulatory proposals that will support the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit.

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Health and Housing in the Wake of Covid-19

Brian Rahmer talks about the public health crisis many communities are facing and next steps for Enterprise and our partners.

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Inside the CARES Act

Marion McFadden takes us inside the CARES Act, including its affordable housing provisions, and shows us what’s missing.

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